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While there will still be a need to confirm & finalize your event with our office, you can begin the entire process by clicking the buttons to the left.  


Please use the links to the left to navigate through booking your party online.  Please check our availability, then call our office to make sure everything is up to date and the day in question is still available, then proceed to follow the Book Us link and Payment Form to apply a deposit to your party through Pay-Pal or using a credit card.


Feel free to take advantage of our Free Price Quote generator to the left.  Please be sure to understand that there are special circumstances for everyone's event and that all prices obtained through the price quote generator are not necessarily the price you will receive.  The general estimate will give you a good idea if your just "shopping" for a Entertainment company.


If you are in the "shopping stage" right now, I advise you to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page at the link in the Top navigation area and read up on some of the questions other clients have had in the past.