Super Sweet 16

Sweet 16's are another one of the Entertainment Industry's most popular events.  Sixteen years old is a very important age for a young lady, and with that comes the importance of the Sweet 16 and all of the planning that may go into one of the biggest birthday bashes of their young lives.  Very similar to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, this birthday is considered a rite of passage as the guest of honor begins passing into adulthood.  Majestic Mixers has the experience neccesary to offer suggestion to the most popular formalities and desired music to compliment your very special day!  


With Additional Services that we offer, you can enhance your experience at your event with numerous options.  One of the most affordable and custom touch enhancements is our Custom Monogram light, where our Guest of Honors name can be displayed with or without custom images on a wall, or rotating all evening on the dancefloor.  Upgraded light packages, uplighting, Karaoke, Audio/Visual rentals for slideshows and our most popular addon, the Photobooth, are also always available to take your event to the next level!

Over the years, Sweet 16's have evolved into a more formality driven event, very similar to a modern Wedding.  While you have the option to choose which of the formalities are applicable to your event, they may include a Grand Entrance, inclusive of a Court and sometimes even sibilings/parents of the Guest of Honor, a First Dance after introductions with the Guest of Honors Father or Mother, a Candle Lighting Ceremony with a Happy Birthday/Cake Cutting, and a Grand Finale.  All of these details will be worked on closely together with a staff member from Majestic Mixers.


From your first phone call to Majestic Mixers, to the Grand Finale of your very special day, our only concern is working together with you to create the most memorable Wedding, how you have always dreamed it.  We strive to make a connection with our clients that turns into a friendship, with many more opportunities to work together down the road as their families begin and continue to grow for years to come.

Happy Birthday!


With our additional tools such as our Custom Online Event Planning, you have the ability to work on every aspect of your special day. From your Planning Forms, which include your introductions and any important music selections, to your Custom Request Lists where you select your favorite music and Candle Lighting songs for your event, to even an event Timeline to set out all your formalities and their estimated times, you are in full control of the planning process.   With our experience, knowledge, online tools and desire to work with our clients on their details, your sure to have a very successful and Happy Birthday!