Weddings By Majestic


A Wedding.... One of the most important and treasured moments in a couples life.  The new beginning of your future together as husband & wife.  This same importance and the need to create the most memorable night for our Brides & Grooms is our #1 priority at Majestic Mixers.  We take the time to sit and listen to our clients desires, working through every aspect of the event, and all of the customizable moments to piece together your perfect dream wedding.  



Working with Majestic Mixers allows for special additions to your Wedding, such as providing ceremony music for your guests and formalities, as well as microphones for a ceremony off-site, like a beach, and even having one of our Wedding Officiants preside over your Ceremony.  Music can also be provided for any on-site ceremonies or pre-reception elements such as cocktail hour.  


The main reception is where the most action begins to take place.  Starting with your personalized, and energetic grand introductions, transitioning to those breathtaking moments during your first dance as husband and wife and other dances with your family, are the first to kick off your amazing evening.  Dance floor packing music and celebration follow, with formalities such as Cake Cutting, & Bouquet/Garter happening later in the night.  


From your first phone call to Majestic Mixers, to the Grand Finale of your very special day, our only concern is working together with you to create the most memorable Wedding, how you have always dreamed it.  We strive to make a connection with our clients that turns into a friendship, with many more opportunities to work together down the road as their families begin and continue to grow for years to come.