Service Guarantee

·         The volume will be set to appropriate levels at all times. During cocktails and lunch/dinner we play music softly enough so that guests can carry on conversations without having to shout. When it's time to dance, the music is made louder, but not painfully so. If you ever find it to be either too loud or too soft, tell us and we’ll adjust the volume level to your preference.


·         We will arrive on time. Whenever possible, our equipment will be set up, tested, and sound checked before your guests arrive.


·         All of our staff will be dressed appropriately. There is never an added fee for formal attire.


·         We will act professionally. We won’t drink alcohol or smoke before or during your event. We will treat you and your guests with professional courtesy. We will keep objectionable lyrics out of our show and keep it “family-friendly” (unless you ask otherwise).


·         We will coordinate with you and your other event professionals (i.e., banquet manager, photographer, videographer) to ensure that your event flows smoothly and all of your special memories are recorded on film.


·         We will use only professional and well-maintained equipment. Your event will NEVER have to end early due to equipment failure. Our sound system will be adjusted to the acoustics of your room.


·         Your event will receive our full attention. You deserve nothing less.


·        You are entitled to receive a personal entertainment consultation carefully covering all the details of your event. Whenever possible, the consultation will be held at least one month prior to the event (not one or two days before). If you can’t make it to our office, we’ll do it by phone/fax/email.


·         We are always available to discuss details of your event by telephone, fax, or email. We will give you our cell phone number so that you can quickly reach us in an emergency. The week of the event we will check back with you to make those last-minute confirmations.


·         All conditions on your contract will be fulfilled.