About Majestic Mixers

            For over fifteen years, Majestic Mixers Entertainment has been the preferred choice for full service, professional, mobile entertainment for your high school prom or homecoming, weddings, school dances, birthday parties, high school class reunions, seasonal parties like Halloween, Valentines, or Christmas, corporate events, or just because.  Our fully trained, highly energetic, highly interactive staff is anxiously waiting to make your next event a complete success.


           The Majestic Mixers family of DJs knows how to entertain any type of crowd - and we can do it anywhere in the Tri-State Area for a lot less than you might think!


           The Majestic Mixers staff of DJs, emcees, and crowd motivators prides it self on being true professionals. Majestic Mixers staff runs the gammet from full formal Weddings to beach picnics.  Our DJs dress according to the  Give us a call today and let us show you what real mobile entertainment looks and sounds like.


           Majestic Mixers offers multiple levels of sound and lights to suit your particular needs. Majestic Mixers has the ability to fully customize your event from Laser Lighting to Photobooths.  All you provide us is access to power,  we do the rest, and we can add just the right amount of flare for your particular event. With a digital music library of  500,000+ songs, we are, literally, equipped to play any type of music to any type of crowd. We are equipped to provide quality, age appropriate music for all of your school functions as well.


           Majestic Mixers Entertainment is available for bookings 365 days per year anywhere in the tri-state area. All shows require a contract. A small deposit up front will guarantee you the event you've dreamed of!  You can contact us via Email with all relevant booking information ( such as time, date, type of event, type of music, etc. ), or call 888.317-5427 for immediate information.


           At Majestic Mixers, we don't focus on the quantity of shows, we focus on the quality of your show! That means that we limit the amount of shows to ensure the highest level of quality. So our available dates go real fast. Give us a call today to ensure your next event is a success.


                                                                              Hope to be working With you real soon!


                                                                                                 Brian D. Notte




                                                                                        The Majestic Mixers Staff